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Paper Documentation & Electronic Data Recovery

Alliance Saves both traditional paper documentation and electronic data

Document Drying & Data Recovery in Wheeling, IL

While the number of companies that turn to electronic documentation is on the rise, the fact remains that paper documentation is still used by the majority of businesses nationwide.

Alliance Disaster Kleenup uses the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that no critical information is lost. Time is of utmost importance when dealing with wet paper. In order to minimize the damage to documents it is best to begin the restoration process within 48 hours of the incident. This can reduce the cost and levels of damage significantly and prevent the need for page separation and/or mold remediation procedures. By using advanced techniques such as freeze drying, Alliance Disaster Kleenup can thoroughly restore damaged documents or books.

Document Drying

Solutions for Document Restoration

Whether confronted with water damage, mold, or other challenges, the restoration process demands a blend of precision and expertise. From advanced technologies to meticulous cleaning techniques, these solutions aim to not only salvage but also preserve the integrity of your invaluable documents, ensuring a seamless restoration process.

Freeze Drying

We preserve water-damaged documents through controlled freeze-drying, preventing further deterioration.

Air Drying

We utilize natural air circulation to remove moisture from documents affected by water damage.


We employ dehumidification techniques to reduce humidity levels, aiding in the restoration of damp documents.


We digitize documents for long-term preservation and accessibility, reducing reliance on physical copies.

Preserve your documents with rapid document drying solutions

Document Drying & Data Restoration Process

Our process commences with a meticulous assessment of document and data damage, categorizing items based on priority and level of damage.

Swift stabilization measures are implemented to halt further deterioration, and initial actions are taken to prevent irreversible damage. These measures may include isolating the documents and placing them in an environmentally controlled space, or supporting and backing paper documents to offer structural stability and decrease further damage.

Employing specialized drying techniques, such as freeze-drying or air-drying, we systematically remove moisture from documents, ensuring a thorough restoration.

For digital data, we utilize cutting-edge data recovery software to retrieve and reconstruct information from damaged storage devices.

A meticulous cleaning and decontamination process follows, addressing water, mold, or other contaminants to ensure safe handling and storage.

Our experts conduct rigorous quality control checks to ensure the effectiveness of the restoration. Thorough documentation captures every step, providing a comprehensive record of the document drying and data recovery services rendered.

Contents Pack-out

Comprehensive Content Restoration

We can also clean and restore critical film, microfilm, and visual or audio tapes. Once cleaned Alliance Disaster Kleenup can store these items securely until the structure itself has been restored and they are ready to be moved back in. Alliance Disaster Kleenup’s teams of trained professionals are capable of tackling the toughest jobs. They are trained to use any number of the latest techniques, such as freeze drying, microbial disinfection, deodorization, soot removal, or blast freezing. Alliance Disaster Kleenup also provides our expertise to restore computers when possible or recover data from computers that are unable to be restored.

Contents Cleaning & Storage Services Available

Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services

Data recovery and restoration at Alliance Disaster Kleenup is a meticulous process dedicated to salvaging and reconstructing vital information. Our expert team employs advanced technologies to retrieve data from damaged or compromised storage devices. Whether facing the aftermath of a disaster, hardware failure, or data corruption, we specialize in restoring valuable information.

From comprehensive assessments to the utilization of cutting-edge software, our approach ensures a seamless recovery process, providing you with peace of mind and the restoration of critical data essential for business continuity and personal records.

Why Work With ADK

Emergency Response 24/7

Alliance Disaster Kleenup is the solution for any type of disaster imaginable. With over 50 years of experience within the industry, ADK is well suited to provide a workable solution for even the most complex disaster scenarios. Whether you are dealing with a catastrophic flood, storm, mold, or fire damage, Alliance Disaster Kleenup is there when you need us.

Always Ready To Respond

Alliance Disaster Kleenup is ready to respond from the moment we receive a call.  Our trained and experienced staff is on call 24/7 and can be dispatched and onsite within 90 minutes.  Upon arrival we will begin an inspection to determine the best course of action to efficiently mitigate and restore the property back to its original state.  

We Understand Our Clients Needs

Moreover, ADK is unique in its compassion for our clients.  We realize what a tedious and emotionally draining process rectifying even the smallest of disasters can be, which is why we make it our first priority to keep all of our clients completely informed throughout the entire process.  

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