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Alliance Disaster Kleenup has teams ready to respond rapidly and efficiently to provide solutions for all types of water damage. Once water intrudes into your business or home, the clock starts ticking. The faster you are able to stop the water and begin drying the structure out, the less damage can be done.

By responding quickly, ADK can often reduce the level of damage and costs associated with restoring both the structure and contents affected. Our team of professionals adheres to strict standards set by the IICRC.

Water Damage

Common Causes Of Water Damage

Below we have listed some of the more common causes of water damage. No matter the source, or amount of water that has flooded your home or business, we can effectively dry & restore everything back to normal in a timely manner.

Plumbing Leaks
Sewage Backup

Emergency Disaster Restoration Services Available

Water Damage Restoration Process

Our skilled team conducts a thorough assessment of the water damage, identifying the extent of the problem and potential risks. This step helps us develop a tailored restoration plan.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we swiftly remove standing water from the affected area, preventing further damage and mold growth.

We employ advanced drying techniques to eliminate moisture from walls, floors, and other surfaces. Dehumidifiers are strategically placed to ensure thorough drying.

Our professionals clean and sanitize the affected area, addressing potential health hazards and preventing the growth of bacteria or mold.

We undertake necessary repairs to restore the property to its pre-damaged condition. This includes structural repairs, painting, and any other required restoration work.

We continue to monitor the restored area to ensure that the drying process is complete and that there are no lingering issues. Our team follows up with clients to ensure satisfaction and address any additional concerns.

water damage repairs

Water Damage Repairs

Alliance Disaster Kleenup specializes in comprehensive water damage repairs, providing swift and effective solutions for residential and commercial properties. Their experienced team employs cutting-edge techniques to assess and mitigate water-related issues, ensuring a thorough restoration process. From water extraction to structural drying, they prioritize efficiency and precision, minimizing long-term damage. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Alliance Disaster Kleenup stands as a trusted partner in restoring properties to their pre-damaged state, offering peace of mind in times of crisis.

Water Damage Tips

Prioritize your safety and that of your family. If water damage is extensive, turn off electricity to affected areas to prevent electrical hazards. Avoid walking on wet or slippery surfaces, and be cautious of potential contaminants in the water.

If it’s safe to do so, start removing excess water using mops, towels, or a wet/dry vacuum. This initial step can help mitigate further damage and reduce the overall restoration workload.

Increase ventilation by opening windows and doors if weather conditions allow. This helps in accelerating the drying process and minimizing the risk of mold growth. Proper ventilation also aids in removing moisture from the indoor environment.

Safeguard important documents, valuables, and sentimental items by relocating them to a dry, unaffected area. This precautionary measure can prevent additional harm and streamline the restoration process when professionals arrive.

Remember, while these tips can help mitigate immediate issues, it’s crucial to contact water damage restoration professionals promptly to ensure a comprehensive and effective resolution of the situation.

Emergency Disaster Restoration Services Available

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers water damage caused by sudden and accidental events, such as burst pipes or a sudden leak. However, coverage may be limited or excluded for gradual issues like ongoing leaks, flooding, or poor maintenance. It’s vital to thoroughly review your policy to understand specific inclusions and exclusions. Additionally, separate flood insurance is often necessary for protection against flooding from natural disasters. Promptly reporting and documenting any water damage, understanding policy details, and seeking professional assistance can enhance the likelihood of successful insurance claims for homeowners facing water-related issues.

Why Work With ADK

Emergency Response 24/7

Alliance Disaster Kleenup is the solution for any type of disaster imaginable. With over 50 years of experience within the industry, ADK is well suited to provide a workable solution for even the most complex disaster scenarios. Whether you are dealing with a catastrophic flood, storm, mold, or fire damage, Alliance Disaster Kleenup is there when you need us.

Always Ready To Respond

Alliance Disaster Kleenup is ready to respond from the moment we receive a call.  Our trained and experienced staff is on call 24/7 and can be dispatched and onsite within 90 minutes.  Upon arrival we will begin an inspection to determine the best course of action to efficiently mitigate and restore the property back to its original state.  

We Understand Our Clients Needs

Moreover, ADK is unique in its compassion for our clients.  We realize what a tedious and emotionally draining process rectifying even the smallest of disasters can be, which is why we make it our first priority to keep all of our clients completely informed throughout the entire process.  

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