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Disaster Cleanup for Building Owners

ADK Help Building & Facility Owners Recover From Disaster

Anyone that owns a building in North America can rely on Alliance Disaster Kleenup to assist them should their property be struck by a disaster. Proactive owners can also turn to Alliance Disaster Kleenup in order to put a disaster recovery plan into place.

The Alliance Disaster Kleenup – Priority Response Emergency Plan (P.R.E.P) program was created for building owners who are proactively looking to protect their investment. ​Our project managers can assist you in creating a plan that best suits your building based off the size, location, and industry of the structure.

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Emergency Disaster Restoration Services Available

Priority Response Emergency Planning (P.R.E.P) Services

Explore the Alliance difference with our complimentary meeting and walk-through of your facilities. Our experts engage in a thorough assessment, discussing tailored solutions to address your restoration needs, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

With extensive experience in the insurance industry, Alliance Disaster Kleenup brings unparalleled knowledge to every project. Our team understands the intricacies of insurance processes, facilitating seamless coordination and ensuring efficient restoration services for maximum client satisfaction.

Alliance Disaster Kleenup offers consistently competitive rates and preferred pricing, ensuring cost-effective solutions for our clients. With transparent pricing structures, we prioritize fair and reliable financial arrangements, delivering value and satisfaction in every restoration service we provide.

At Alliance Disaster Kleenup, we extend value-added services to tenants, prioritizing their well-being. Our responsive and professional approach ensures a seamless restoration process, minimizing disruptions and enhancing the overall experience for tenants during the restoration of their properties.

*** Learn how you can be a P.R.E.P program member through our National Partner program.

Custom Restoration & Cleanup Plans

Upon partnering with Alliance Disaster Kleenup, a committed project manager will liaise with you and/or your tenants, gaining in-depth insights into business operations and the building’s structure. This comprehensive understanding enables us to formulate a customized plan, precisely addressing identified needs and ensuring a swift response during a disaster.

Our commitment is to proactively shield your business and property, minimizing potential risks and maximizing the efficiency of the recovery process, reinforcing your peace of mind.

Emergency Response Services

Why Work With ADK

Emergency Response 24/7

Alliance Disaster Kleenup is the solution for any type of disaster imaginable. With over 50 years of experience within the industry, ADK is well suited to provide a workable solution for even the most complex disaster scenarios. Whether you are dealing with a catastrophic flood, storm, mold, or fire damage, Alliance Disaster Kleenup is there when you need us.

Always Ready To Respond

Alliance Disaster Kleenup is ready to respond from the moment we receive a call.  Our trained and experienced staff is on call 24/7 and can be dispatched and onsite within 90 minutes.  Upon arrival we will begin an inspection to determine the best course of action to efficiently mitigate and restore the property back to its original state.  

We Understand Our Clients Needs

Moreover, ADK is unique in its compassion for our clients.  We realize what a tedious and emotionally draining process rectifying even the smallest of disasters can be, which is why we make it our first priority to keep all of our clients completely informed throughout the entire process.  

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